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Enigma - The Code Breakers Station & Guided Tour

Sun 28 Jan 2018: Explore and experience the top secret world of iconic WW2 Code breaking Huts and Blocks set

Harrogate Express Excursion

Tue 10th Apr 2018: An Express Day Trip to Harrogate with Johnsons Coaches

Historic London Attractions Express Excursion

Thu 22 Feb 2018: An Express Day Trip to Historic London Attractions with Johnsons Coaches

Hull Express Excursion

Mon 9th April 2018: An Express Day Trip to Hull with Johnsons Coaches

Imperial War Museum, London

Sun 21 Jan 2018: This award-winning museum tells the story of 20th century conflict on the home front and on the front line.

Lincoln Express Excursion

Fir 6th April 2018: An Express Day Trip to Lincoln with Johnsons Coaches

Liverpool & Port Sunlight Express Excursion

Tue 10th April 2018: An Express Day Trip to Liverpool and Port Sunlight with Johnsons Coaches

Newark Express Excursion

Wed 11th April 2018: An Express Day Trip to Newark with Johnsons Coaches

Oswestry & The British Iron Work Centre Express

Fri 13th April 2018: An Express Day Trip to Oswestry and The British Ironworks Centre with Johnsons Coaches

SS Great Britain with lunch

Tue 20 Mar 2018: Explore one of the great masterpieces of the Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel - the ‘SS Great Britain’

Steam - Museum of Great Railway

Thu 15 feb 2018: Steam is a museum that tells the story of the men and women who built, worked and travelled on the Great Western Railway

Terracotta Warriors

Mon 26 March & Tue 24 April 2018: For the first time in over a decade China’s famous terracotta warriors will be on display in a special exhibition at Liverpool’s largest museum.

2 departures on 26/03/2018 and 24/04/2018
The Peoples Post

Mon 12 Mar 2018: This new day trip to The Postal Museum brings the postal history to life with a ride in the hidden tunnels of the Mail Rail.

2 departures on 07/03/2018 and 12/03/2018
Windsor Express Excursion

Mon 19th Feb 2018: An Express Day Trip to Windsor with Johnsons Coaches

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